Steve acted as my advocate during an employment related difficulty, and was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have had a better, more qualified, or more supportive person on my side. It is thanks to him that I now have my life back and can move on to bigger and better things... thank you, Steve - you have no idea how grateful I am!

Lisa Richards

Steve is a genuine phenomenon.......driven to help - with a light touch, sneaky sense of humour and sharp wit, he makes friends of the enemy and recruits them to his following.
Hardly seems fair really but Steve blends boundless energy and quiet wisdom with a measure of humanity that fits him perfectly for the role he has chosen.
We are all fortunate to be able to access this resource.
My story will be familiar to anyone who knows Steve: emailed him late one Sunday when he was full-on dealing with biz. Steve listened, settled me down, dealt with the issues, provided options and solutions, and crafted a solution which I implemented next day. Outcome - excellent.
In the process he put aside his own agenda without demure or the slightest rancour.
This guy really does know how to help.

George Gerard

Steve has recently acted as my advocate during a difficult employment issue. Steve provided excellent advice and support through out this process. I have no hesitation in recommending his expertise in the management of employee issues.

Bronwen Nicholls

I attended Steves Foundations of Essential Supervision Stage 1 and 2 and really enjoyed the learning experience. Steve has a very active instructor presence and there was a good practical to theroy ratio which held my attention and made the learning an enjoyable experience. The information covered was very relavant and it was great to meet other Managers facing the same challenges and being able to network. Would recommend Steve and his courses, definetly!

Paul McDonald

Steve has helped our company through an employment issue and provided sound advice in a friendly and efficient manner. Will definetly be calling upon his expertise again!

Kelly Gray

I first met Steve through a training course and was most impressed with his style and professionalism. I have since used his expertise in HR dealings and found his knowledge and experience invaluable, combined with a manner that delivers effective and efficient solutions.

Scott Johnston

I was having a very difficult time with an employer a few years ago and justice was done with the invaluable help and direction from Steve..his commonsense attitude coupled with a great sense of humour made dealing with him easy and a pleasure ...a winner in fact

Debra Harris

Steve has been a good provider of supervisory and coaching training to our organisation, including interviewing skills for newer managers. His down to earth practical approach has been effective.

Naomi G Johnson

I use Steve whenever possible to facilitate programs for my staff. His experience is invaluable as he very quickly and accurately evaluates his audience and delivers the program in a manner that they can relate to. The end result has always been effective training from both a cost and delivery perspective.
I also enjoy tapping into his IR knowledge and his sense of humour.

Jack Weir

I used to run FIRST Training and Training Point.Net. In my 25 years in the training industry I dealt with Steve Punter many times. One of the first times was as a contributor on a sales training tape I helped produce. His sense of fun in dealing with important issues I think brings a sense of light to serious topics and makes them a whole heap easier to deal with. He's a great trainer and facilitator.

John Davies

Steve recently guided me through a personal grievance and it was very comforting to know that I had the best person on the job. His knowledge of Employment Relations procedures totally equipped me to handle the situation with confidence and thanks to his direction we achieved a positive outcome

Judi Neeve

I have been on the receiving end of Steve's training on a couple of occassions myself (a wee while a go now) but true to his talent he is still providing excellent tuition. So my staff tell me! Whenever we are going to do training our staff want to know if it's "with that Steve guy". In addition Steve is a great bloke. Highly recommended. PS. I still owe you lunch.

Marie Van Es

Steve – it’s good to see your new website up and running. And thanks for your help and advice over the years - I wouldn't be where I am today without your careful advice and prodding, albeit if at times some of it was playfully targeted.

David Crawford

We consider ourselves privileged to have maintained an association with Steve that spans more than 30 years. During this time Steve has always been the professional providing sound advice on a wide range of human resource matters, be it commercial to maritime. Socially he is house trained and not a bad guy when you get to know him and as such I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve and a business associate or friend.

Keith Ingram
Professional Skipper magazine

Like fine wine Steve gets better with age, like good teaching it takes wisdom and that really only comes with age. The ability of a person to walk into an unknown organisation, develop, deliver and achieve success with training is what sets Steve apart from others.

Roana Carran

Recently, I asked Steve to develop a workshop around Key Performance Indicators for the EMA members. This workshop sold out in 2 hours and because of the demand, we have had to add more. I believe Steve's knowledge in this area has contributed to the success of this programme.

Deborah Law Carruthers
EMA Learning

Steve has been a great source of inspiration and information when dealing with staffing and education issues

Linda Punter

Having Steve available has been an enormous asset to our organisation.

Mary Martick

Success breeds Success. I can see your 'style' in the way you write.
Congratulations on the growth and I'm sure The People Effect will continue the pattern of success established with STA.

Garry Coley