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Growth Leadership online learning

Written by:
Stephen Punter


Image Caption: ‘The Stellar Projects team participating in our new Growth Leadership Programme, first workshop in the second tranche of a series including on-line workshops. Participant (Bridget) presenting for her discussion team. My colleague Leonie Black front right’.


The People Effect and Cadence Consulting have come together in a joint venture to offer a new Leadership series: ‘Growth Leadership’.

Working together, Leonie and Steve offer this new Leadership programme in an easily-accessible format, starting with a Face-to-Face full day workshop, followed by 2 x 2-hour web workshops, a 2nd Face-to-Face workshop, another 2 X 2 hour web workshops, and a final Face-to-Face workshop.

There is a high element of self-survey and team activities, including work-based projects to test the concepts and models in real life.

We have run the first ever series with Stellar Projects (just finished), and we’ve just started a new series for another Stellar team – having made a few ‘tweaks’ after the first series.

At the moment this new programme is set up for in-company only, run anywhere in NZ, Australia or the Pacific Islands, but we are developing the ‘anyone can come, fully on-line’ version right now and it should be ready soon.


Email Steve at [email protected] for a chat. The programme is so new we don’t have a flyer for it yet!


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