Workplace Bullying – What It Is… And What It Isn’t!


73 Titiraupenga St, Taupo, New Zealand

  8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

  27 November 2018

What’s the only thing better than having an expert help you be successful in your business?

2 experts!

This unique session brings together two of New Zealand’s leading workplace experts – Steve Punter from The People Effect, and Steph Holloway from Elemental Potential.

Together they are on a mission to highlight the destructive effects of bullying on productivity, team dynamics and personal well-being.


What is bullying – do you understand the legal definitions?

What is not bullying?

What does bullying look and feel like in reality for people in the workforce?

What do you do about it?


This session will help you solve bullying issues you already have, future proof your culture using preventative measures, and steer you away from legal consequences.

Expert advice for every type of business.


“In an ideal world our work would be less about Firefighting/Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, and more about being pro-active.”

Steve and Steph


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