Managing Employment Problems

Learn how you can avoid or resolve employee issues to work more productively.

The theme of this workshop is identifying the potholes and common mistakes that lead to problems when employing people, and how to avoid them. 

Steve will take you on a journey in time, covering from the moment you decide you need to employ someone, right through to their departure, whether that be through resignation, voluntary retirement, redundancy, medical incapacity or dismissal.

Being only one day, it’s not exhaustive, but it will include the common aspects that cause trouble in recruitment, selection, employment, trial periods or probationary periods, training, performance review, redundancy, and the performance management process including dismissal.

It’s particularly aimed at business owners, managers and team leaders. The workbook will provide templates and procedural flow guidance.


Length: 1 full day

Format: Interactive workshop

Workbook provided.

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