Stress Management

Learning Objective

To understand what Stress actually IS, why we need SOME stress, how to identify it, reduce that which is reducible, and manage or cope with that which is part of your life or job. Includes two practical relaxation techniques.

Target Audience

Anyone whose life or occupation makes them vulnerable to stress over and above the stress required to perform, and who needs a little help in coping with it.


Stress from primitive times (why we need stress), definition/analysis, Maslow’s Human Needs vs Stress, self-test. Desirable stress vs Undesirable stress.

Types of stress: emotional, adaptation, frustration, overload, deprivation.

The Holmes/Raha stress scale. Self-analysis questionnaires. Type A & B personalities.

Common symptoms.

Coping techniques, Autogenics, relaxation breathing.


Length: Half day

Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 15

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