Dealing with Conflict & Aggression

Learning Objective

To understand and be able to use the skills of communication that help prevent conflict arising in situations where discussion may result in an argument, and to understand and use skills to resolve conflict.

Target Audience

Any person who is required to deal with others in situations that have the potential for dispute or disagreement.


  • Communication
  • Conflict Dynamics
  • Aggression
  • Assertiveness

The verbal and written elements of communication are covered in a practical exercise – often the start of conflict and aggression is caused through misunderstandings.

Questioning and listening techniques.

Conflict – five conflict handling modes. Participants complete a questionnaire to identify their own individual reactions to conflict.

Dealing with aggression – an explicit video is used that demonstrates the various types of aggressive behaviour and how it is managed.

This is related and adapted to participants own situations and how they can apply the techniques learned. How people can assert themselves is provided through two methods – DESC, and the 6 steps of how to ‘say what you want’.


Practical exercises and practice sessions throughout.


Length: 1 or 2 full days (in-house)

Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 16

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