Decision Making Skills for Management

Learning Objective

To learn and practice decision making skills, problem-solving techniques, prioritisation, delegation and time management skills, and select from a participant-driven menu of other add-on skills, through the medium of a real-life case study.

Target Audience

New managers, or as a refresher for middle-senior managers.


On the first day, an ‘In-Tray’ is provided composed of innocent-looking routine memo’s, letters and other documents, such as occur in real life. Participants work their way through this individually and against a pressured time-limit, drawing on their existing skills. Team discussions then dissect and compare against a model. Theoretical constructs and techniques (problem-solving, decision- making, prioritisation etc) are then provided and discussed.

In-Tray two arrives, with matters of a more complex nature, and participants are again on their own, at a more senior level, against the same time limit. A menu of one-hour theory presentations is then offered, covering topics such as Communications, Time Management, Delegation, Leadership, Motivation, Negotiation – and at any time the team can ask for an input session on one or more of these subjects. The second In-Tray is then discussed.

Practical exercises are sprinkled throughout.


Length: 3 full days

Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 15

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