Induction Programme Design

What you will learn

It is important to make new employees feel they are a vital part of your organisation. They also need to feel safe and have a plan to start them on a development programme.

You will be able to create an induction programme for your workplace that

  • Provides initial ‘site safe’ training
  • Introduces your organisation’s vision, values, mission and culture
  • Explains ‘the rules’ and introduces policies and handbooks
  • Ensures staff feel ‘at home’ in the shortest possible time
  • Allows staff to engage with their jobs and understand their place within the organisation
  • Complete organisational documentation

What we will cover

  • Purpose and philosophy of Induction Training
  • Vision, Mission, Values, Purpose
  • Culture
  • History, tradition and legends
  • Products and Services, Key Differentiators
  • Organisational goals, Department goals, Team goals, Employee’s own goals
  • Linking employee role to organisational purpose
  • Performance Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Facilities
  • Administration & Documentation
  • Agreement signed prior to commencing work
  • Employment Agreement
  • Individual or Collective
  • Trial or Probationary period – explaining how they work
  • Working hours, Holidays, Sick Leave, Absence
  • Pay Method/Tax issues
  • Drug & alcohol policies
  • Meet the Union delegate
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Policies: What and where are they?

Who should attend

Anyone who needs to create, facilitate and manage induction programmes.


Length: Half day, 9am-1pm

Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 16

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