On-Job Skill Transfer

Learning Objective

To examine and experience communications as required in the coaching process. To practice breaking down a task into component parts prior to session design. To learn and practice simple session-planning models. Learn & use a five-stage coaching model, in a team environment. Optionally, demonstrate competence by individual practical evaluation.

Target Audience

Any person wanting to coach adults in a modern work context, and make the process participative, practical, interesting and mutually rewarding.



Communications skills, giving clear instructions, conversation-management techniques to ensure full information flow & feedback, practical exercises for comparison of written & verbal methods.

Task Breakdown

Analyse a task and reduce it to its component parts, identifying which are Major Steps, identifying Key Points and organising into a logical flow prior to session planning.

Session Planning

Practical exercises in how to write training sessions from your Task Breakdown,

Five Stage Coaching Model

Determine need, explain, demonstrate, practice, feedback.

Team Presentation

Participants design and present a simple coaching session in small teams, group critiqued, which tests the models and helps reinforce learning.

OPTIONAL: Individual practical evaluations. Requires extra half-day.


Length: 1 full day, or 1.5 days

Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 12

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