Negotiation Skills

Learning Objective

To learn and practice the skills required to conduct negotiation sessions for any purpose, with the objective of long-term mutually profitable relationships.

Target Audience


Obvious applications: business contracts, employment contracts, sales/purchasing contracts, new managers, or as a refresher for middle-senior managers.

Win-win negotiation

Setting the rules, context and environment, planning for flexibility, preparation, planned alternate strategies, looking for common needs, playing the ‘if-then’ game, power tactics, finding durable solutions. ‘Devil’s advocate rehearsals’. Video-based case study. Practical team role-play sessions.


Mechanics of communication, verbal/written comparisons, body signals, filters & screens, positive questioning techniques, real listening, restatement techniques, importance of affinity & reality to shared understanding.


Running efficient meetings, agendas, room set-up, maintaining control, encouraging input, setting meeting objectives, developing action plans, recording agreements.

Practical exercises are sprinkled throughout.


Length: One or two full days (optional)


Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 15

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