Performance Feedback & Review (Appraisals)

Learning Objective

To be able to carry out effective formal and informal appraisal sessions that review performance & behaviour in an objective, sensible, meaningful way, that motivate and set progress goals.

Target Audience

All those responsible for other staff.


  • Communications
  • Behavioural Interview Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Motivation
  • Legislation

Discuss goal-setting principles, refreshing motivation and communication theory already learned, balancing rules & policy against individual needs, preparing both participants in the process, looking at a sample PFM document and pre-advice note, video-based case studies focused on problem-solving approach, Win/Win approach, role-play scenarios, volunteers for vidcam role-play study.

Impact of Privacy Act, Human Rights Act, Employment Relations Act and case studies of Personal Grievances caused through inattention to (or ignorance of) these Acts. Video-based case study of Management-level Performance Feedback Meeting.


Length: 2 full days

Max. number of participants: 15

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