Presentation Skills

Skills that create the right image and send the right message

Learning Objective

To learn and practice the skills needed to arrange and present personal presentations, of a standard that ensures good audience reception, transmits the desired message in a polished & professional way, and inspires the target audience to support your cause/ buy your product or service or just listen with interest, depending on your objective.

Requires pre-course preparation.

Target Audience

Anyone wishing to appear in front of others to speak for any purpose.


One-Day Version

During the day, participants present pre-prepared 10-minute presentations (to a supplied format), which are recorded on individual VHS tapes. These are critiqued by the group in a mutually supportive & constructive manner, which is made easier by the small group size (6). As the theory/skill sessions progress, teams are required to create ‘spot’ presentations, working together and using the theory/skill just discussed. The facilitators use themselves as an object lesson, including ‘how-not-tos’ for dramatic effect.

Theory, skills, content

Visual appearance, energy & authority, professional conduct, sincerity, humour, sexism, slang/jargon. Room set-up, establishing rules, audience control, format/style, voice techniques, microphones, visual aids, planning session outlines, preparation/use of scripts, dealing with nervousness, venue preparation, rehearsals, preparation checklist.

Two-Day Version

Same theory/skills/content, but we can experiment more, including ‘before & after’ comparisons by doing another presentation-to-camera on the second day.


Length: Optional one or two full days

Format: Interactive workshop

Maximum number of participants/facilitator: 6 (one-day format) or 10 (two day)

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