Quality Management

Learning Objective

Demonstrate and apply knowledge of quality assurance in a business operation. Explain concepts, systems, and principles of quality and quality assurance; identify the quality assurance requirements for a business operation; and assess the quality assurance system of a business operation.

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Managers, QA/QC team members.


Link between Quality, customers and you. Why do people buy?

  • Focus on Process or Focus on Product/Service – which is best?
  • Supply chain relationships
  • Deming Cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act, Quality relative to Productivity.
  • Kaizen – how east differs from west, comparison of Innovation and Improvement.
  • Quality Systems, definitions, merits, pitfalls. Comparing ISO9000, QS9000, AQAP, TQM
  • Documentation – creation, distribution, storage, change. Difference between documentation and records.
  • Responsibilities – what role should Management play, and what do workers need? Sharing authority and responsibility, team dynamics.
  • Internal Audits –  How to do them! (this is the extra half-day)


Length: 1.5 full days

Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 18

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