Relationships & Conflict

What is my behaviour when things are going well?

What about when I’m in conflict?

How do others act?

How can I use that information about me and others, combine it with some skills, resolve conflict more effectively and create more productive relationships?

Learning Objective

Through a self-survey and facilitated feedback session, discover how you naturally behave and relate to others when things are going well, versus when things are not going so well, and how others react in similar circumstances. Learn how to resolve conflict more effectively using simple models and methods, building on what you’ve learned about how you and others behave naturally and in conflict.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to work more productively and harmoniously with others – particularly in work teams. Any team that is currently dysfunctional due to interpersonal conflict.


Relationship Awareness® Training (Strength Deployment Inventory® – SDI®): a modern psychometric instrument based on Elias Porter’s work since 1935, includes a self-survey of the participants own Motivational Value System, Valued Relating Style and Rewarding Environment, allowing participants to identify their ‘natural’ state and then contrast that with how the participant ‘moves’ relating style during conflict (Conflict Sequence).  An understanding of and comparison to 6 other potential styles and their associated conflict sequences.

Conflict: Building on that process we examine the usual causes of conflict and the potential stances that people can take up during conflict, in an examined tension between the drive to satisfy the concerns of others and the drive to satisfy own needs. Video-based case study ‘Dealing with Difficult People’. DESC scripting – a model of ‘scripting’ prior to discussing undesired behaviour in a way that depersonalises the issue, focuses on behaviour only, offers solutions and outlines consequences. Small-group Simulations are used to reinforce and test the models.

  • Relationship Awareness
  • Rewarding Environments
  • Motivational Value Systems
  • Valued Relating Styles
  • Conflict Sequence
  • Conflict Resolution Skills

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Course fee includes your Strength Deployment Inventory.

Length: One full day

Format: Interactive Workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 18

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