Report Writing

Learning Objective

To identify techniques that make it easier to select, develop, and sequence the ideas to be conveyed.

Use a four-step process to manage the approach to report writing, and the time spent preparing a report.

Design reports so they best appeal to the person they are intended for. Express ideas clearly, concisely and intelligently to the reader.

Target Audience

Any person who is required to write reports as part of their normal activities, or who will be required to write reports in the future.


  • Communications
  • Four Key Steps
  • Fog Index

Communication skills, giving clear instructions, conversation-management techniques to ensure full information flow & feedback, practical exercises for comparison of written & verbal methods.  The Four Step process – Preparation. Decide what to say. Design for success, Review and publish. Practical exercises in punctuation, writing in plain English, and report writing.

Working out the FOG factor.


Length: 1 day

Format: Interactive workshop

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 15

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