The Exceptional Secretary

Learning Objective

This course has been designed with the understanding that the role of a Secretary and PA is demanding and multi-functional. It requires flexibility, confidence in interacting with others and a high degree of professionalism. The course addresses some of the key issues and provides a foundation on which the participants can build to be exceptional at their job.

Target Audience

Secretaries, Senior Secretaries and PAs who want to improve their skills and confidence in their ability to cope with the many challenges of their role.


Secretary and Personal Assistant role

Expand understanding of the Secretary/PA position and the fundamentals of the role.

Initiative & Responsibility

How to increase your “value” and push the boundaries of the role through being pro-active, anticipating problems and adopting an innovative attitude.


Increase confidence in dealing with difficult people, regain control by knowing how to work effectively with colleagues who are not pulling their weight or those who are aggressive and dominating.

Effective time management

Identify top time-wasters, learn strategies on how to increase personal productiveness, the delegation process and how to delegate effectively.

Remaining professional under pressure

Learn problem solving techniques, how to “step outside the box”, regain control and reduce worry.

Effective stress management

Identify and learn how to manage personal stress triggers, introduction to proven techniques which can be easily applied in the work environment to maintain alertness, productivity and minimise the negative effects of stress.

Developing the leader in you

Understand the basics of team dynamics, how to strengthen interpersonal skill through better communication, identify common barriers to effective communication, learn how to deal with difficult people and how to manage office conflict.

Working styles

Gain greater understanding of personality styles and how to work effectively with others when their personality temperament is different to yours.

Business social skills

How to feel confident and project confidence in a business-function setting, learn the art of meeting and greeting, conversation icebreakers, conversation skills, beginners guide to business entertaining.


Duration: 2 full days

Available: in-house or public workshop

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