Vision, Mission and Values

This is an in-house workshop and is designed for CEOs and their senior management teams.

It is best run off-site & residential, in a relaxed setting (we can arrange this for you).

It is preceded by a one-on-one consultation with the CEO, along with pre-work for the Management team.

Learning Objectives for Leaders & Executive Management

By the end of the workshop, participants will understand:

  • Why it’s the Leaders’ exclusive job to initiate & drive the Vision Creation process
  • Why the input and genuine support of the Senior Team is critical
  • The benefits of having a clear and team-supported Vision How to ‘sell’ the Vision to the Team
  • Why Vision must come before Mission
  • Why Mission Statements commonly fail
  • The important role of Values and how to determine what they are
  • How Values help you judge the ‘rightness’ of your Vision and provide boundaries
  • How to get input from followers and the limitations of that input

Action Objectives

As a direct result of the workshop and the pre-work:

  1. The Leader will have determined her/his Vision in ‘broad-brush’.
  2. Senior Managers will have had the opportunity to pre-think before participating.
  3. All participants will have applied the methodology, and will understand the importance of both the process and the outcome.
  4. Either the completed Vision, or at least a robust draft of it, will have been produced.
  5. Senior Managers will have had the opportunity to impact on the specifics and to decide whether they will genuinely support the Vision and to demonstrate that support.
  6. A plan will have been produced for communicating the Vision throughout the Organisation.

Target Audience:

  • Chief Executives, Senior Management teams
  • Key influencers within Teams
  • Owners with or without employed staff.
  • Principals and senior execs of not-for-profit Organisations


The method of creating Vision flies in the face of ‘normal’ team goal-setting rules, in that Vision cannot come from followers – it must come from the Leader and uses a combination of (1) ‘selling the message’ and (2) getting input and support from the Senior team – a process where flexibility can be applied to the ‘how’ and the ‘when’, but not the ‘what’.

  • What Vision is, and what it isn’t
  • The Power of Vision
  • Linking Vision to Mission Statements
  • The importance and role of Values in Vision
  • Getting buy-in from the team
  • Getting the vision and values “off the wall and into the workplace”

Case studies, including specific content from research such as:

  • Collins J. – Good to Great
  • Collins & Porass – Built to Last
  • Senge, P. The Fifth Discipline – the Art and Science of the Learning Organisation
  • Barker, J. The Power of Vision

… including contrasts between well-known major corporates, some successes and some not so successful, and the part that Vision, Mission and Values played in those outcomes.

A series of structured debates followed by syndicate group workshops.


Length: Two full days, (best as off-site, residential, weekends OK)

Format: Workgroup interactive

Optimum number of participants/facilitator: 10

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